Dragonward is now own its 1.10 version and here is what changed in the last update:


  • Removed the NPCs to return to the previous visited maps.


  • Changed the window mode text on the options menu;
  • Changed the dragon battle to be more strategic;
  • Changed dungeon icons for propper dungeons instead of a stairway;
  • Changed dungeon shop NPCs visuals;
  • Improved NPCs dialogs;
  • Improved items descriptions;
  • Improved help messages;
  • Improved shop interface.


  • Added coin sound effect to the shop dialog;
  • Added sell option to the (new) shop screen;
  • Added victory fanfare.

Enhanced random events

  • More varied outcomes;
  • Balanced items and gold rewards;
  • They now takes into account the player's resources;
  • Added numbers for amount of resources won or lost;
  • Removed redundant information.

That's it!
I hope you have fun.


Dragonward_Windows_v1.10.zip 90 MB
May 06, 2018

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